Welcome to Plewsy Photography, the digital canvas where authenticity meets artistry through the lens of Jason Plews. With a journey that began with taking photographs on film in 1987,  Plewsy has dedicated decades to capturing images and preserving fleeting moments of genuine human emotion and the unspoken stories they tell.
Born out of a passion for visual storytelling, Plewsy's pursuit of photography led to Bournemouth College of Art and Design, where an HND in Photography not only honed technical skills but deepened an appreciation for the nuanced dance of light and shadow. This education laid the foundation for a career defined by a keen eye for the unobserved and an ability to capture the raw essence of the moment.
Plewsy's portfolio is a vibrant tapestry of life's unguarded instances. From the electric energy of music festivals and the pulsating rhythms of club culture to the serene whispers of nature and the intricate tales etched on faces in portraits, each photograph is an invitation to pause, reflect, and connect. 
Plewsy believes in the power of authentic observation. It's not just about seeing but about feeling, understanding, and immortalising the essence of the human experience. Join him on this visual journey, where every image is a window to a world of untold stories captured through the authentic and discerning eye of Plewsy, AKA Jason Plews.
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